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About Canadian Financial

Canadian Financial provides comprehensive funding to residential and commercial customers nationwide for services including, but not limited to: HVAC (ductless systems, fireplaces, boilers, combi-boilers, heat pumps etc.), indoor air quality, water filtration, automatic standby generators, roofing and renovations (windows, doors, lighting etc.).We also provide funding to home services dealers across the country, enabling them to offer our exclusive automatic approval rent-to-own program and/or affordable monthly payment plans to their customers!

Services for Dealers

Canadian Financial provides funding to home services dealers across the country, enabling them to offer our exclusive automatic approval monthly rent-to-own program or leasing options to their customers, which helps them instantly expand their customer base and increase their bottom line. As an authorized dealer, you’ll be able to offer your customers the option of affordable monthly payments which require zero money down and no credit check for HVAC equipment!
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Services for Homeowners

Canadian Financial offers a 100% approval, monthly rent-to-own program for residential HVAC equipment and affordable monthly financing for home renovations and roofing! Our 100% approval rent-to-own program for HVAC requires no credit check, no money down and includes installation, removal of old equipment and a full warranty. Our financing program requires zero money down, has low interest and allows you to pay for the renovations you’ve always dreamed of with monthly payments that fit your budget!
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Commercial HVAC and Renovations

Canadian Financial specializes in commercial HVAC leasing. Our commercial HVAC leasing program requires no capital up front and covers all heating, cooling, water filtration and indoor air quality equipment for small to industrial scale businesses. Service and maintenance is always included. We also offer monthly payment options for commercial renovations including windows, doors, low voltage lighting and roofing.

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Products Funded

Canadian Financial offers affordable monthly payments for the following products.


Residential HVAC

Canadian Financial offers a 100% automatic approval rent-to-own program for residential HVAC equipment including furnaces, ACs, boilers, fireplaces, heat pumps, ductless units and more!


Indoor Air Quality

We provide guaranteed approval and a monthly rent-to-own program for residential indoor air quality equipment, such as air purification systems and air exchangers (HRVs).


Water Filtration

Canadian Financial offers a 100% approval rent-to-own program for residential water filtration systems, including the design, product and installation!


Need a new roof but don’t have the cash to pay for it up-front? Pay monthly instead with zero money down required!


Home Improvements

Canadian Financial offers affordable payment options for home renovations such as new windows, doors, lighting and more!


Canadian Financial provides business owners the option of no money down, low monthly payment plans for commercial HVAC (compressors, chillers, rooftop units etc.), renovations and roofing!

Why Canadian Financial?


  • Instant approval at the point of sale
  • Affordable monthly payments make budgeting easier
  • Zero money down required
  • Both rent-to-own and leasing options
  • No hidden fees or merchant costs
  • Fast, friendly and efficient service

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